Service Team

We would rather meet you in person but until we can, here’s a little about us, the Luxury Auto Service Team.

Luxury Auto Service is locally owned and operated,  and has provided Jackson and the West Tennessee community expert car repair since 2008 but it’s just the place where we work.  We’ve been your friends and neighbors all our lives.  We know your cars.  We want to know you.  In an industry where most seem to focus on parts, processes, and tools, our focus  is on relationships.  We care for and serve you first and work on cars second.

Christian Byler

JPG Photo of Christian Byler Everything Speaks Developer, Guest Services guruChristian grew up in Jackson, TN played soccer and had typical teenager jobs like fast food cook and summer work in construction.  Although as a kid, he barely did more than put gas in a car, he did love working with his hands and figuring out how things worked.  Christian was officially inducted into mechanics as an US Army Aviation Repair Specialist in the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.  After serving in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, he received an Honorable Discharge in 1992.  Soon after returning to Jackson he earned his license and worked for many years as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Christian attended Union University graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in business.  Although he would rather work on cars (the techs won’t let him), Christian is much better at taking care of our guests.

John Byler

JPG Photo of John Byler OversightJohn arrived in Jackson, TN in 1976 and is well known for his service in the community.  John is also a veteran.  He served in the Navy aboard the USS Essex and was Honorably Discharged in 19…, well, how about we just skip the year.  He then worked for South Central Bell/BellSouth as Outside Plant Engineer for 28 or so years.  Retiring from BellSouth, he went to Ameritech where he was the Project Manager in charge of building Ameritech’s DSL internet service in Chicago, IL.  After successfully completing that build, he went to work with Cinergy Communications partnering with Jackson Energy Authority to develop the JEA internet and telecommunications over fiber optic network. Retirement just didn’t appeal to him so now he brings his meticulous eye for detail, strong work ethic and unwavering integrity to Luxury Auto Service where he manages the books while riding herd on the rest of the team.

Rex McMahan

JPG Photo of Rex McMahan Master Mechanic European Cars SpecialistRex  grew up in Selmer, TN, working on the family farm equipment as a young boy.  He developed a love for fixing broken machinery, especially solving problems that others just can’t fix.  He further honed his mechanical skills as a Naval Aviation Repair Specialist aboard the USS Dwight D Eisenhower.  After serving in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm and receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1994, Rex began his professional career specializing in European car care.  Almost inevitably, working on engines from early childhood, Rex was drawn to making those engines more powerful and the cars faster. He has even built and driven his own race car as an amateur racer.  Dedicated to excellence, Rex has earned numerous ASE and GM certifications and is currently working through the Bosch Automotive Technician certification.

Angie McMahan

JPG Photo of Angie McMahan Guest ServicesAngie, is a foreigner,  coming to Humboldt by way of Arkansas in 1992. Yes, she is related to Rex and she’s our Service Consultant, BUT we didn’t ask her to work with us because she’s married to the boss. She is very well qualified for the position but so are others.  Angie was asked to take this over because she truly cares about and wants to help other people.  She is an experienced project and cost control manager.  These skills help her  demonstrate her care through accurate estimates at the best possible cost.  Our guests enjoy her pleasant personality, but make no mistake,  she has no problems keeping the shop crew in line.

Paul Tims

JPG Photo of Paul Tims Certified Mechanic European Cars SpecialistPaul is from Brownsville, and has been with us since the beginning of 2010.  A graduate of Tennessee Technology Institute and ASE certified, he is in the process of earning Bosch Automotive Master Technician.  Paul has been awarded the highly prestigious LAS Chrome Spatula for outstanding skills in grilling and smoking on our custom made barrel grill/smoker.