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Computer Diagnostics Fault Analysis

An accurate diagnosis involves many different things such as the technicians experience, peer experience and input, getting accurate and sufficient details from the driver, quality equipment, resources and training.

Complete Repair

We do everything from the smallest job such as replacing a hood emblem to the most extensive and complex repairs like replacing an engine.  Electrical fault tracing, electronic programming, automatic air suspension, air conditioning… whatever your car care need is, Luxury Auto Service can handle it.

Scheduled Maintenance

Brake Service and Repair

Climate Control

Climate control includes air conditioning, heating and defrosting.  This system affects more than just comfort concerns.  It delivers vital safety processes as well.  Keeping you cool in the heat of summer is a safety issue?  Sure.  Heat fatigue can easily lead to drowsiness and falling asleep at the wheel.  Beyond that, when running the defroster components of the air conditioning are utilized to remove the moisture in the air that fogs up the windshield decreasing visibility and safe driving.

AC System Service and Performance Check

Inspect system components for cracks, leaks and build-up around connections and hoses.  Purge system of old degraded refrigerant and oil. Install Frigiquiet Compressor Lubricant and Fluorescent Leak Detector.  Install R134a refrigerant to vehicle specifications.  System performance check before and after service.

BG FrigiFresh AC Evaporator Cleaning Service

Clean evaporator core and housing, air ducts, cabin air filter housing and replace cabin air filter(s) using two part BG cleaning kit.   Frigi-Fresh® service eliminates foul, musty odors from automobile air conditioning systems by killing mold, mildew and other odor-producing organisms growing in the system. Frigi-Clean® is a unique cleaning solution that breaks down and removes bacteria, mold, spores, fungi, road grime, nicotine oils and debris such as bug parts, pet hair, and other garbage that have accumulated in your car’s air conditioning evaporator thereby restoring heating/cooling efficiency and freshening interior air.

Electrical Systems and Electronics

Even though we live in an age of great technological gadgetry, faults in automotive electronics and electrical systems are frequently the hardest to run down.  A tiny bit of exposed wiring can result in an intermittent short that takes a long time to find.  With all the high tech manufacturer specific computers and tools we have, if a malfunction is intermittent and not active while we are looking for it, most likely we just aren’t going to find it.  These faults are extremely frustrating for the technician.  First of all they just aren’t easy to find.  Secondly, a good technician will fret about the vehicle owner’s perception of his skill when it starts taking longer than expected to solve and fix.  Thirdly, not only does a technician have to find the immediate cause of the obvious problem, they have to also determine if the malfunction has caused any other faults that aren’t detectable until after the initial repair is made.  And then they have to explain to why it wasn’t a part of the original diagnosis.

Battery System Service


Emissions involves considerably more than mere exhaust pipes and mufflers.  Exhaust gases are processed through EGR valves and catalytic converters.  Computers use data from oxygen sensors, air flow meters and other sources to control the recirculation of exhaust gases, fuel flow and air flow.  When any of these components malfunctions they cause false data to be processed which has negative effects on engine performance and can lead to costly repairs.  The best way to keep this system serviced is by properly maintaining all the others.

Tune-Up – Spark Plugs, Air Filters, Air Induction System

Complete Fuel System


Fuel Delivery and Fuel Injectors

Fuel delivery is dependent on several factors.  It is computer controlled but flow efficiency can be seriously affected by deposits caused by ethanol and carbon.  These deposits build up in the fuel rails, injector nozzles and around the exhaust and intake valves.  In turn the decreased fuel flow efficiency causes an increase in fuel useage and this costs you money.  When the fuel flow is off vehicle computers make adjustments in other systems such as air flow.  This compensation is meant only as a temporary fix.  Eventually a fuel system that is out of trim will cause malfunctions in and permanent damage to other components.  The most commonly seen is combination is fuel trim out of specs and air flow meter malfunctions.  When oxygen sensors malfunction they can cause fuel trim and air flow meter issues and if uncorrected can also cause the failure of the catalytic converter.  A malfunction in any of the system components can cause issues in some or all of the others.

BG Flo-Max Fuel and Air Induction System Service
BG Ethanol Defender Treatment

Ignition, Battery, Starting and Charging Systems

As long as you can turn the key or push the button and start the car everything is good, right?  Well, maybe not.  Ignition does not refer to only engine starting.  It is the complete process of delivering electrical into the combustion cylinders for the purpose of igniting the fuel.  This system includes spark plugs, plug wires, ignition coils, distributors, Engine Control Units ECU, Power Control Modules PCM, ignition switches, immobilizer/security, keys, remotes, Gateway Control Modules and more.  Although the battery itself is pretty simple, it is integral in the proper and safe function of all vehicle systems.  And of course this means the charging system is just as integral and vital.  Today’s cars are extremely electronics heavy.  Fluctuations in voltage can quickly and permanently damage control modules which can cause significant malfunction and even failure in sub-systems.  On board computers monitor the charge in batteries and will start shutting down non-essential functions such as entertainment equipment, passenger seat functions, climate control and others.  If the charge gets too low some cars will go into limp home mode and instruct the driver to pull over immediately for a shut down.  Several cars have two batteries.  One is allocated exclusively for starting the engine so that the corresponding drop in voltage will not damage sensitive electronic equipment.  The most common causes of sudden failure in these systems are shorts in the wiring, water or other fluid intrusion into components and voltage fluctuations.

BG Battery System Service

Powertrain and Driveline

This includes transmission (we consider the transmission separately), driveshafts, differentials, transfer cases and axles.  Stating the obvious, if the power generated by the engine doesn’t make it to the wheels then you aren’t going anywhere.   Driveshafts are generally maintenance free and just need inspecting.  Some do have connector bearings that may need to be replaced and some have splined shaft ends that need regular lubrication.  Axles are also maintenance free, just needing inspections.  If the axle boots get torn debris can get into the bearings and will damage them or accelerate wear.  Differentials and transfer cases contain the precision gearing that redirects the power from the engine and transmission to the axles and on to the wheels.  They are filled with gear oil.  As with all fluids, gear oil degrades resulting in decreased friction protection, increased contamination, decreased efficiency among other things.  This fluid needs regular replacement like any other.

BG  Power Torque


Steering, Suspension and Traction Control


Appearance Clean Up and Detailing