Brake Service

Brake System Service and Repair

The Anti-Lock Brake System and Brake Hydraulics are vital parts of anyone’s safe driving.  Safe driving requires more than just being able to stop.  You must be able to a complete stop in time as well as brake and maneuver to avoid collisions.  Brake fluid condition is as important in this as are the brake pads and rotors.  Brake fluid is highly hydroscopic – which simply means it pulls moisture in.  Moisture build up in brake fluid can lead to failures ending in vehicular accidents.  Brake fluid is also corrosive and eats away at the metal in the system.  Over time the metal debris can block valves, ports and passages in ABS components possibly resulting in failure while braking.  Excessively worn brake pads and rotors are not capable of providing sufficient braking and stopping power needed for safe driving.  The worst case scenario of brake failure from any cause is the very real potential for fatalities.  In spite of the danger to themselves, their loved ones and others on the road, brake system servicing is one of the most neglected maintenance in car care.  The current federal standard for brake hydraulic service is every two years.  We recommend every 30,000 miles or as indicated by moisture and metal content level testing.  We test your brake fluid each time we perform a courtesy inspection.

Sure Stop Brake Service

Purge brake hydraulic and ABS system, completely replacing contaminated, degraded and worn brake fluid. Install Ultra Dry brake fluid for high temperature, high boiling point protection, corrosion prevention, improved flow at low temperatures and guarding against fade due to high temperatures and blocked ABS ports and valves.