Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics

Factory Scan Tools, Telematics, Code Readers and more

Remember the old commercial “It isn’t your Daddy’s Oldsmobile”?  That is truer now than it has ever been but contrary to popular belief you can’t just “hook up the computer” and get every little detail about a car.  Since 1996 all new cars sold in the United States are required to provide OBD II engine code access to independent repair facilities.  On Board Diagnostic computers actually cover every electronic system on a vehicle but the law only requires manufacturers to provide information pertaining to the engine.  In order to access all available information, an independent repair facility must use computers that have dealer / manufacturer level capability.  These are not the simple scanners found in and used by the local part store.   An independent facility that is truly qualified to service and repair today’s vehicles has made serious investments in technology.  Luxury Auto Service is qualified to provide proper care of your car.

Another myth is that every problem to be found on a car can be found simply by connecting the computer.  OBD II only relays electronic malfunctions.  It does not record hard part damage or malfunctions.  The absolute most important role of our technicians is that of investigator.  Technicians diagnose automotive issues in the same way that a doctor diagnoses illnesses and injuries.  They collate information from complaints, symptoms, test data and physical examination to determine the cause and related issues.  Doctors can ask their patients question to help guide their diagnosis and treatment plan. Technicians have the additional difficulty of having a “patient” that cannot directly answer questions or even speak at all.

Many malfunctions can have multiple causes which makes it reasonable to assume there will be additional issues that are undetectable until after repairs are made for original problem.

An accurate diagnosis involves many different things such as the technicians experience, peer experience and input, getting accurate and sufficient details from the driver, quality equipment, resources and training.

Scan Tools

The term scan tool is a little misleading.