Spring Cleaning — Organize and equip your garage

Your garage is an all-purpose space that can be used to store household items, park your car and even entertain friends and family when properly outfitted. If you want to get the most out of this area, it needs to be organized and well-equipped.

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Spring Cleaning Ideas to optimize your garage space.

Organizing Your Garage

Start by cleaning up. Many items that end up in the garage can be thrown away or donated. Other items have no place in the garage: Paint can’t withstand the changing temperatures, pet food can attract bugs and storing propane tanks is a safety hazard.

Once you’re down to the bare necessities, create a floor plan. Leave ample room for parking, and dedicate space for your hobbies, as well as space for storage and equipment. Arrange similar and seasonal items together, and make sure regularly used items are easy to access.

Storage Options

Open shelves make it easy to see what you have and keep it conveniently arranged. Cabinets, however, are ideal for locking away items that need protection from the elements — or children.

Stackable bins are a go-to storage option, but with the right hooks and shelves, you can create additional space. For example, bicycles can be hung from the ceiling, and tools can be mounted on magnetic strips or hung from customizable pegboards.

Useful Equipment

How you equip your garage will depend on your personal interests and storage needs, but here are some items that could prove beneficial under many circumstances:

  • Workbench
  • Tool collection
  • Seating
  • Well-placed lighting Consider replacing fluorescent with LED for longer life and better illumination
  • Power outlets
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Smoke alarm
  • ABC fire extinguisher

And don’t forget the entertainment. If there’s space available, consider adding a gaming table. Pingpong, pool and table hockey are popular with kids and adults alike.

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